Updated September 29th, 2017

The following are the current appointed members of the SACA committee. 
The next AGM will be held in January 2018 (Date TBA).

SACA Patron

Aivars Lidums OAM


SACA Patron

Richard Thorne


Deputy President
Ratings Officer

Alan Goldsmith

Vice President
Assistant Grade Match Secretary

NA William Wedding

Public Officer

Robin Wedding

Assistant Treasurer
Chess Centre Manager

Zina Koodrin



Eric Staak

Tournament Secretary

IM Mark Chapman

Assistant Tournament Secretary

Aaron Perkins


Grade Match Secretary

NA Justin Thai

ACF Delegate
Bay Sports Delegate

George Howard

Webmaster & Grants officer

Dave Thomas

Marketing Coordinator

Dusan Zubic
Trophies Custodian

Position vacant


Vega Licensing Representative

Bill Anderson-Smith